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An organic and all natural PH balanced and anti aging FACE cream yet, affordable, anti inflammatory and deeply moisturizing for the whole Body.

       No parabens, fragrance, mineral oils or petroleum. 

  • *Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Collagen for wrinkles and fine lines
  • *Alpha Lipoic Acid and Coconut Oil to fade age spots
  • *Aloe, Yucca, Grape Seed Extract for anti inflammatory
  • *Oat Kernel Oil, Spirulina, Vitamin C for itching, acne, antioxidants.

Use twice a day to replenish skin’s nutrients and moisture.

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About Happy Elephant Aloe Vera Cream

Your Happy Elephant Aloe Vera cream can be used as often as you wish on your face and body. It is free of fragrance, petroleum, mineral oils  and parabens. It is Ph balanced for the facial skin and works wonders for anti-aging, healthy moisturized skin and rejuvenation and repair. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on skin care and our stellar ingredients will show you how effective our cream is at such a low cost.

Our Happy Elephant face and body Aloe Vera cream is made in Dunedin, Florida in a Certified Organic lab. This is the same lab where the Navajo Indian Nation have all their products made.  Our cream is hypoallergenic and safe even to the most sensitive skin and thus a multi purpose cream for:-

Face: Our Hyaluronic Acid plumps wrinkles while the Alpha Lipoic Acid and Coconut Oil fade age spots. Hydrolyzed Collagen repairs that devilish crepey skin and Vitamin C infuses the face with the #1 Antioxidant!

Body: Our Aloe and Coconut Oil base allow for quick absorption but long lasting retention. You’ll feel moisturized for 8 or more hours but never sticky or greasy.

Joints: Because our founder is a yoga teacher she made sure there were anti inflammatory ingredients. So many of us have back, hip, knee and neck soreness. The MSM, Aloe and Spirulina help relieve these woes. Along with MOTION (the true #1 anti inflammatory), Happy Elephant Aloe Vera Cream is a true daily staple.

So why did we name our cream Happy Elephant?

First of all, we love elephants immensely and a percentage of our profits go to The Earth Organization to help our Elephant friends. Elephants also have no sweat glands on their bodies ( only the bottom of their feet) and must moisturize often by spraying themselves with water or rolling in the mud.

We love the concept of a Happy Elephant as one who is satisfactorily moisturized!

Moisturize your skin!

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 2.5 in

3 reviews for ALOE VERA CREAM

  1. Lindsay

    I have a lifetime of sun-damaged skin and am also very sensitive – everything (until now) has made me breakout – face and body same issue. I discovered Happy Elephant at an event and even though skeptical had an amazing positive experience when I sampled it. It felt so clean and restorative. Not greasy. I took a leap and purchased a couple of jars. (When I got home I chastised myself for being so committed to something I didn’t have experience with). I LOVE THIS CREAM. It is fabulous. Thank you. A Happy Human.

  2. Lisa Mesen

    The best cream I’ve used. It is so luxurious and buttery. So in love with it. And elephants!!! C’mon

  3. Nina

    I took a chance on this cream and I am so glad I did! I can wear this on my face all day and it doesn’t make me break out, even in the humidity of Florida. I use it all over my body and my skin has never felt better. (I have very dry, sensitive skin yet prone to break outs on my face) I love it at night too…I wake up and my skin looks and feels so moisturized. I’ve tried many expensive lotions and potions and honestly, this stuff is my go-to favorite!! Thank you for making this wonderful cream!

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